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We have been receiving several inquiries regarding the Property Taxes. Please read them below:

Property Tax Revisions FAQs:

Inquiry #1 – Is the property tax billing on the August invoice for the whole property tax for my lot?

Answer – No, the amount on your August Invoice is for half of the property tax for your lot. You  will receive another billing in February 2024 for the second half.

Inquiry #2 – The property tax amount on my invoice is incorrect because I have an exemption. 

Answer – The CPA has been notified and is working on sending out corrected invoices. The corrections will include the exemptions for the lots that have exemptions approved with the Property Tax Department. 

If you have any documents to prove your exemption, please forward them to (please make sure to include your lot number)

Inquiry #3 – Since my property tax is not correct should I hold off on my payment for this invoice?

Answer – No, please continue to pay your Association fees, Road Fee & Water Fee.  If your property taxes are correct, please pay those as well.  If your property tax is not correct, you can hold off on paying the property tax until you get a corrected invoice.  Once you receive the corrected invoice, please make sure you pay the corrected amount as soon as possible.

Inquiry #4 – Since my property tax is not correct should I pay the amount I paid last year?

Answer – This is up to you.  If you do pay the amount from last year, please make sure to compare it to the revised amount the CPA sends to you on the revised invoice to ensure you are paid in full.

Inquiry #5 – If I do not pay my property tax until I get the revised invoice, will I be charged a late fee?

Answer – No late fees will be assessed as long as you pay your Association fee, Road fee & Water fee on time.  Then once you receive the revised invoice with the correct property taxes, please pay the property tax as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to with a CC to  The CPA will answer your questions via email.  

For further inquiries about your payments or property tax information, please contact My Personal CPAs  via text message or send them an email:

  • EMAIL:
  • TEXT: 808-731-8421
  • CALL: if you prefer a phone call, please either TEXT or EMAIL us your information and we will call you.

If you have any other inquiries, please contact the Board of Directors, Elliott, or the Kunia Loa Ridge Aloha Team:

KLRF Board of Directors Email:

Elliott Arana, KLRF Superintendent:
(808) 784-8020 (TEXT PREFERRED) 

Kunia Loa Ridge Aloha Team:
(808) 427-0826 

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