Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands

Families, Farming and
the Community

What is Kunia Loa Ridge Farmland?

For Families

KLRF is dedicated to satisfying the wants and desires of our Families while uplifting our Community and Land.

For Farming Community

Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands in Central Oahu is a farming community that supports Hawaii's people. Locally grown produce helps farmers generate income.

For the Land

Farmers in Central Oahu respect the land by caring for it, protecting historical sites, and preserving agricultural land as green space.

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The KLRF is an organization that assists in the preservation and upkeep of Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands in Central Oahu. The objective of the association is to guarantee the well-being of the farming community in Kunia Loa Ridge and ensure the proper maintenance of their properties.

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