Questions and Answers


Questions and Answers

July 16, 2022

Lot #96(I) Maria – organic planting, damaged coconut trees is a concern, SOH told her they would come round to access, the mulch being brought into the farms is a natural habitat for the rhino beetles. She would like to form a committee to address organic growth.

We have already stopped the coconut mulch from entering KLRF. The problem that we have is that the beetles are already established on our farms. We are working with Koki Atcheson from the University of Hawaii to eradicate the existing beetles. One of the things we can do is put a limit on trucks per lot per month as long as they can provide proof that the material is clean such as soil analysis.

Lot 91 Bobby – the quality of water is his concern. Would like the board to research what can be done to clean the water system.

We have cleaned the upper main reservoir recently. We cleaned the 1st reservoir and changed the lining on the bottom. We have 2 more reservoirs to go. We plan on cleaning the other reservoirs as soon as we can. The costs are roughly $ 30,000 for each reservoir. The reservoirs are being cleaned and dredged. We formed a water committee to look into water purification. The committee concluded that each owner can do their own water purification systems on their own property. The cost is too great to do a whole farm purification system. So, may be good to purchase 20 purification systems perhaps at a reasonable discount to help out the farmers.

Lot #86 Rick Parker – what is the long-term strategy for paving the roads, how is it going to be paid for

We will be collecting an additional $20 per acre beginning in July. This money will be set aside to pay for the paving. The cost is around $4 per square feet. We are looking at $200,000 per year for 50,000 square feet. We are estimating around $3,000,000 for the whole road. This is only an estimate.

Lot #37 Archibald Kevin – wants to know how the road was built and what the plan is to keep up the responsibility for owners cleaning, where are the trucks going that are dumping trash etc.

We do not allow trash dumping on KLRF. If you see illegal dumping, please contact the farm superintendent Elliot (808-784-8020). Our superintendent will work with our compliance officer in regard to violations. Owners who received violations for dumping will be fined and their fines doubled every month if not paid. Worst case, foreclosure of their lot. All road preparation, work, and materials were guided by the Roadwork experts in all the steps to pave the road in the appropriate manner and professional quality.

Lot #54 Jeff – $20 per acre increase, timeframe for this assessment, what is the cost for this project, wants a newsletter every month. Wants a place to put in questions and answers, wants to be notified on each monthly meeting.

The timeframe is until all the roads are paved which is an estimated 3-5 years.
With inflation-rising cost of materials the $20 a month maintenance fee increase could become permanent.
Estimated cost for all paved roads $3 million dollars.

Attorney – told him about a website that is being made.

Virgil – explained the website, gave out the website domain name address, the newsletter will be going out soon, verification of each member will be done by the managing agent. 80 – 90% functional.
Litigation matters will not be on this website.

Lot #96 Allen Sitt – road and the amount of trucks that are coming into the property, would like to have a fee for the big trucks

This has been a problem for years. The BOD has tried in the past to find a solution. We will have a guard posted at the entrance. We will set up a system where the lot owners will apply for passes for their trucks. A fee for the trucks is not an option at this moment. Maybe we will reconsider the fees in the future.

Lot #8 Don – would like to see the board members serve 2 years, will the questions that are being asked be available to all members of the farm owners, stream of income to see where it is being spent, minutes be posted to website, compliance position why are we paying $4,000 a month for this position can we delegate to a person already on payroll, blind spots on lot#1E, 2, etc. who is responsible to clear this overgrowth.

BOD serving 2-year terms is an idea that we can pass on to our attorney. All questions and answers will be posted on our website. The BOD minutes will also be available on the website as well. We will check with our management office and our attorney to see if it is legal to post our finance information on our website. If we receive an O.K., we will post it on our website. As for our compliance officer, he is paid around $800 every 2 weeks. Our compliance officer is highly qualified for this position. David has an extensive background in law enforcement. He is experienced and we are very lucky to have him.

Lot #82 Saavena overgrowth concerns, have the owners clean their own lots, thank you to the current board members for all the improvements.

Owners are responsible to keep their lots clean. Unkept lots will be fined $50. Thank you for noticing the improvements. We are trying our best to provide for the farm owners. There is still a lot of work to be done and we have our lot owners’ best interests in mind. Thank you.